About The Photographer

At present Ray runs a company that imports equipment for the Australian Mining Industry. At night he shoots the heavens. 

Even though he is self taught, Ray has many links to the astronomical world across many continents. Locally he does regular astronomy spots on talk back radio and is a part time guide at Perth Observatory.

His Astrophotography has been published in magazines all over the world and numerous times in Australian newspapers.

NASA on occasion have contacted Ray for information relating to his work.

NASA have also posted Ray's work on their homepage as Picture of the Day.

Currently Ray has been involved with a documentary called Space Cowboy. A major satellite network is looking at turning this into a series with Ray as the host. Ray was the script writer for the pilot.

Ray is a member of the Australian Writers Guild and has recently published his second book The Cosmic Art Gallery which is available from this website.

Ray has done numerous exhibitions around Perth in recent years.

Ray also works from time to time as Electronics Officer for the Anti Whaling Group Sea Shepherd, and spends time at sea with them as a crew member. His role is manning and maintaining all electronic equipment on the bridge.

Ray says -
“Cosmotography has taken me many years to learn. Space photography, is much harder than hand painted space art. Cosmotography is an extremely rare art form due to the technical challenges and learning curves involved. By capturing the cosmos I am capturing the biggest, most distant objects possible. In many of my photos light has travelled across interstellar space for thousands of years, so my photos show objects from the past, and not the present. I enjoy this demanding discipline, but I enjoy watching people's reactions more when they walk into a room and see my work on the wall".

The biggest compliment I can receive is when people don't believe I took these photos. 

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