Plato and the Alpine Valley

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Plato and the Alpine Valley

Captured by Ray Palmer

Plato Crater Diamater - 109km's

Plato Depth 1km

Plato is the lava-filled remains of a lunar impact crater on the Moon. It is located on the northeastern shore of the Mare Imbrium, at the western extremity of theMontes Alpes mountain range (Wikipedia).

Vallis Alpes (latin for"Alpine Valley") is a lunar valley feature that bisects the Montes Alpes range. It extends 166 km from the Mare Imbrium basin, trending east-northeast to the edge of the Mare Frigoris. The valley is narrow at both ends and widens to a maximum width of about 10 km along the middle stretch. The selenographic coordinates of this feature are 48.5°N 3.2°E.(Wikipedia)

Taken from Astro Peak Observatory
Western Australia 

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