Rosette Nebula

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Rosette Nebula

The cluster and nebula lie at a distance of some 5,200 light-years from Earth (although estimates of the distance vary considerably, down to 4,900 light-years) and measure roughly 130 light years in diameter. The radiation from the young stars excite the atoms in the nebula, causing them to emit radiation themselves producing the emission nebula we see. The mass of the nebula is estimated to be around 10,000 solar masses. It is believed that stellar winds from the group of stars at its centre are exerting pressure on interstellar clouds to cause compression, followed by star formation in the nebula. This star formation is currently still ongoing. 

Solar winds from the central cluster are blowing (creating) the hole at the centre of the nebula. 

Image Specifications

Takahashi Epsilon e160 
Losmandy G-11 Gemini 
Exposure 30 minutes
Film Kodak Chrome Elite 200
Manually guided 
Camera Olympus OM1 

Golden Grove Astronomical Observing Facility 
Western Australia

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