Star Trails with Cosmotographer

Brand: Space Art and Cosmotography by Ray Palmer
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Star Trails with Cosmotographer

A simple trick has made this photo quite interesting. The star trails are of the Eastern Horizon, however to preserve my night vision, I wear a red torch on my head. Because it was so cold on this night, I walked to my car and sat inside it for a few minutes to warm up. This has caused the red wavey line and red light seen inside my car. However something else is in that photo, my face, clear as day (well almost as clear as day). I've obscured my face with a black scarf because of the cold conditions, and this obscurity makes it very difficult for some people's visual cortex to see me. I have this hanging inside my home and it always gives me pleasure watching some people see my face easily, whilst others stand and gaze for extended periods trying to find me. 

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