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Raymond D Palmer, Longevity Researcher / Biotech Engineer / mRNA Alchemist / Astronomer / Author Anti-Aging Toolkit

Hi, welcome to my brief biography.

I am an avid astrophotographer (who would have guessed) and hold a degree in Astronomy (among other fleeting qualifications).

I have attended advanced electronic engineering, completed a Post Grad Degree in Astronomy, studied epigenetics and gene expression, as
well as being literate in the practise of CRISPR, have also published scientific papers and am currently engaged in research in the biology of aging.

Note that astrophotography and astronomy are completely different disciplines. One is the art of capturing faint objects that move against the Earth's rotation in total darkness,
the other art / science is about understanding the cosmos with observational data and elegant equations. The two arts are completely different and require completely different skill sets.

I have been an astrophotographer for over 20 years and I have tried my hand at many different facets of the art such as planetary, widefield, star trails, solar and deep space.
However I prefer long focal length astrophotography. I shoot at 4 metres focal length (a 4 metre camera lens), and this means I can get up close and personal
with deep space objects as opposed to capturing them from a perceived further distance. This allows me to easily see processes such as star formation,
evaporative gaseous globules, galactic dust lanes and other intricate deep space wonders.

Long focal length astrophotography is a beast that will test your skill sets to the maximum. At long focal lengths such as 4 metres, the tolerances
for tracking, polar alignment, collimation, guiding, focus and more become extreme. The slightest miscalculation or inaccuracy is magnified greatly at this focal length and harms
the final artistic / scientific end product.

So everything has a procedure and is followed meticulously to ensure I am not wasting photons or my time.

I now work solely as the Chief Scientific Officer for a biotech company which is listing on the stock exchange.
I am an inventor of numerous biotechnologies and hold 18 patents in biotech. I have also authored numerous books.

I enjoy all fields of science and am highly polymathic.

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